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The Cleaner, Greener Solution for Smiles on the Go

Totebrush POS illustrationTotebrush® is an easy-to-use, reusable toothbrush handle with sterile toothbrush heads and toothpaste. Each toothbrush head comes hygienically sealed, stored and pre-applied with toothpaste for a single use. Once your smile is fresh, the head can be easily popped off and disposed of — or used many times during your business travel. Simply wash the handle, dry and return to any space large enough for a pen or pencil. No need for special storage to enjoy a bacteria-free brush.

No more excuses! Totebrush® is perfect for office, house guests and kids

A simple snap is all it takes to ready the convenient handle and replaceable brush-heads before an important meeting. Airline flight restrictions? No problem with the Totebrush®!

House guests who forgot to pack their toothbrushes? Give them a Totebrush®

— then clean and save the handle for the next use. Even kids will love the snap of the handle, the automagically applied toothpaste — and the satisfaction of a brushing well-done.

Who uses the Totebrush®?

Dentists: Totebrush®

is a perfect giveaway for patients — ask us about printing your practice name and contact on the handle.

Travelers: Breeze through airport security everytime! And you’ll always be ready to go with a brush in your carryon.

Car: Keep a Totebrush®

in your glove box for all of your brushing emergencies.

Camping: Add a Totebrush®

to your camping gear, so you’ll never find yourself in need.

Home: Keep a Totebrush®

handy for house guest.

Businesspeople: Never again worry about food in your teeth or foul breath — keep a Totebrush® in your briefcase or purse, and you’re ready to duck into the bathroom to freshen up any time, any where.

Pet Owners: Dogs need healthy, clean teeth too! With Totebrush® your pet can have his or her own mess-free dental hygiene regime.